Today’s threat landscape is constantly changing. OrgSpire’s security practice is there to prepare customers, protect them, and respond effectively.

Vulnerability assessment penetration testing

OrgSpire’s trained and licensed penetration testers use a variety of tools and techniques to discover weaknesses in perimeter security, employee awareness, internal security controls and vulnerabilities which could lead to exploitation.

Our testing methodology encompasses a full spectrum of tactics to ensure your existing security measures are capable of defending your most critical assets. You can feel confident knowing that we will discover a weakness before an attacker does.

Incident response

Our trained professionals understand modern-day cyber attacks and know how best to stop them from compromising your systems. We can analyze, triage and enhance your security posture to mitigate future exploitation. Our security specialists use a highly customized approach to discovering the existence of suspected malware and other signs of penetration in your environment without having to disrupt your normal business operations.

Security program design and deployment

OrgSpire’s CISOs and highly trained engineers understand that technology-driven security controls solve only part of the problem in today’s cybersecurity threat landscape. To build a robust security program capable of defending against a highly capable enemy, it is imperative to align operational excellence and security priorities to meet business objectives, as well as articulate a clear vision of how your program maps to the realities of your business.

We understand that there is no silver bullet when it comes to security and seek to steer a program driven by business need aligned with technological capabilities. We believe that an aggregate of many different security elements will yield the most effective results and seek to provide this value to our customers.

User education and awareness

OrgSpire provides training services that address the technical and human elements of your organization. Our experienced staff can train your users and equip them with the ability to spot a threat before it gains a foothold into your environment. Our range of course topics help you meet compliance, maximize data security, manage vendor technologies, and incorporate industry best practices.

Discovery, gap analysis and risk assessments

Understanding what you wish to protect is one of the key cornerstones to an effective security program. This fact is clearly articulated in many industry-accepted security frameworks, ranging from ISO2700x to NIST. OrgSpire’s team of experts has the experience needed to properly discover, secure and assess risks associated with third-party vendors, technology systems, business workflows, and a wide variety of enterprise applications.


OrgSpire provides an information security leadership service designed to assess and benchmark your organization’s information security within a wide range of areas, including technology, policy, reaction, education and communication. Our former CISOs have spent years in highly regulated industries working with many regulatory bodies to ensure compliance alignment with existing mandates. Our focus is to help you build a robust, end-to-end security program that not only places you ahead of the curve in defending your assets, but will ensure consistent regulatory compliance.

With our comprehensive range of security solutions, you can rest easy knowing your data and IT assets are safe from today’s sophisticated hackers and cyber attacks.