For companies operating in multiple locations, managing several staffing and hardware vendors can be challenging. Vendor Management Services (VMS) from OrgSpire streamlines national employment operations and creates efficiencies across the board. By using OrgSpire, our nationwide network of independently owned and operated staffing agencies will help you find the qualified staffing you’re looking for from local sources while maintaining a single point of contact -- and it couldn’t be easier to implement.

Take advantage of OrgSpire’s Vendor Management Services:

  • Recruiting, screening and evaluation of candidates using our local connections and proven process
  • On-site management provides an OrgSpire representative for high-volume locations
  • Payroll services, including associated taxes and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Customized solutions provide an unrivaled level of service and reliability
  • Collaboration and development of materials, allowing workers to hit the ground running
  • Cost benefits of a national staffing vendor
  • Reducing expenses, while increasing efficiencies is a primary goal of any successful operation. For companies operating multiple facilities and staffing vendors, keeping costs in line with market conditions can be challenging.

OrgSpire’s Vendor Management Services can help by:

  • Reducing expenses through a centralized vendor
  • Streamlining staffing requirements to improve business operations
  • Standardizing orientation and training
  • Improving production quality and efficiency

Massive cost savings

The OrgSpire National Staffing Alliance eliminates multiple layers of infrastructure that, quite simply, our competitors can’t. And the cost benefits don’t stop there. The OrgSpire network allows us to recruit locally throughout the country without having to set up thousands of offices resulting in significant savings that are directly passed on to you and your bottom line.

Experience the OrgSpire difference

Working with OrgSpire is more rewarding than working with other vendor management services. You’ll benefit from our experience and knowledge, as well as that of the local agencies in the OrgSpire network. When you need qualified staffing in a specific area, the expertise of local agencies is invaluable.

OrgSpire provides you a national scope with a local touch, no matter where your facilities are located.