OrgSpire provides a full range of virtualization services. We help clients develop a virtualization strategy that matches their business and IT needs. We design, install the solution, and help you transition it into production. Once the process is complete, we help you merge your virtualized environment into effective and efficient operations.

Our testing facilities provide IT professionals with a risk-free environment to assess the merits -- and any challenges -- of optimizing their virtual server and desktop environments. We have partnerships with and expertise in the major virtualization technology providers, including VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, and Red Hat.

Why you should let us virtualize your IT environment

OrgSpire’s virtualization services enable you to make more efficient use of your IT assets that are being siloed or underutilized, and minimize risks associated with infrastructure changes. Together with our partners, we deliver capacity planning and performance-tuning services to assist you through your IT consolidation journey.

By drawing on our unparalleled expertise and end-to- end virtualization solutions, you can:

  • Proactively manage change and reduce risk of downtime
  • Provide better services by improving IT staff productivity and service availability
  • Deploy new services to the business faster
  • Enhance business agility
  • Reduce the risk of business downtime through improved disaster recovery and increased IT performance
  • Facilitate the adoption of cost-effective computing models, such as private clouds, shared infrastructures, and utility billing

The transition to virtualization promises to reduce both acquisition costs and operations expenditures, plus it can give you more control over a complex IT environment.