Denodo Partnership

OrgSpire is a Denodo Silver partner


OrgSpire, Inc is a reputable consulting group based out of San Ramon, California. We are focused on providing the best quality, cost-effective business and technology solutions to companies across a broad range of market segments, including banking, mortgage, finance, telecom, retail, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical. OrgSpire understands the uniqueness and challenges of the industries we deal with, and we deliver services best suited for our client’s requirements. We take on new challenges wholeheartedly to expand our areas of expertise. Our technology solutions provide powerful insight and assist in solving our clients’ critical issues. This would be impossible to implement without a passionate, customer-oriented team. Hence we engage a matrix of technology, domain expertise and highly skilled people to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. We are fully aware of the trust our clients place in us and we reflect that in everything we do.






What does this mean?

As the leader in data governance and catalog software, OrgSpire helps organizations across the world to gain competitive advantage by maximizing the value of their data across the enterprise. Our team of experts provide solution purpose – build to address the gamut of data stewardship, governance, and management needs of the most complex, data – intensive industries. Our Solution intersect cloud, bigdata and agile development, creating a framework that increase data leverage, accelerate application delivery, and decrease cost, while providing enterprise the speed and scale they need to compete.


How does this partnership benefit OrgSpire’s clients?

  • Silos Systems and disparate data sources are found in almost every enterprise company. Creating a unified view of Silo data sources using traditional ETL is not only time consuming but also cost a fortune.
  • To address this challenge OrgSpire has collaborated with data virtualization leader Denodo to come up with an innovative solution to seamlessly integrate disparate data source such as existing data marts, data lake, MDM and other data sources, thereby reducing silos and duplication by creating unified data repositories of key data sets.