Cloud Infrastructure Services

Delivering customized public, private, and hybrid solutions

As the market environment continues to change, cloud computing technology has developed into an important part of the enterprise IT strategy. Its applications have also become the essential basis for an enterprise to achieve its business value. Private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud deployment models are now standard enterprise operations. Additionally, selecting the appropriate technology, finding the right partners, and implementing an efficient cloud strategy are now critical to whether or not an enterprise can quickly respond to challenges.

At OrgSpire, we understand the cloud. We explore and evaluate the opportunities the cloud offers, and help clients transition their business swiftly and easily. We provide a strategic assessment of their business needs as well as a customized implementation plan to facilitate a successful transition to a cloud-based model. As a result, clients reduce spending on technology infrastructure, streamline their processes, globalize their workforce, and improve accessibility while shortening new employee training time.

With our partners’ support, we deliver the following proprietary service accelerators:

  • Cloud-based predictive analytics
  • Mobile device management
  • Migration to columnar data spaces in the cloud
  • Cloud assessment management

When it comes to cloud implementation, OrgSpire focuses on both the organizational and technological factors. Our outcome-focused approach leverages our expertise with diverse cloud setups, cybersecurity, software development, and big data to provide our customers with a trusted resource to map their journey to the cloud.

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